Paramount theme park Murcia Spain

to the brand new website for the proposed Paramount theme park Murcia.

This is the 100% unofficial website for the theme park which will feature all the news and the latest gossip about the park plus some extra goodies including online games, photos, maps, competitions, polls, downloads plus your views and what you would like to see in the Paramount park Murcia.

We will be featuring the pros and cons of the current locations that have have been proposed for the Paramount theme park. We will also feature a number of rides that could be used in the park given the Paramount Pictures branding. You will also have the option of posting your views on these.

If you would like to be involved in the website please contact us as we are looking for people to create blog posts for the website and also photos for our gallery as the construction takes place.

The official launch of the website has been put on hold until further details about the park are confirmed.